Thursday, 4 December 2014



A simple dinner in Berlin transforms into a studio session, which in turn evolves into a track, which sets the spark for what has now materialized as one of the most highly anticipated albums of late. These were the forces which turned a casual evening into an artistic crossroads for Jerome Sydenham (Ibadan Records), AYBEE (Deepblak Recordings), and Ron Trent (Prescription/Future Vision Records).
S.A.T short for Sydenham AYBEE, and Trent brings together the creative energies of three of underground dance music’s notable stalwarts. Jerome Sydenham long since etched into dance music history with his iconic NY based Ibadan Records responsible for some of the most memorable tunes of the last 20 years from a list of Kerri Chandler, Joe Claussell, Dennis Ferrer and many many others. Ron Trent another legendary icon whom’s distinguished discography spans 20 plus years, and whose Prescription label also sits atop the pantheon of dance music’s most esteemed imprints. AYBEE a Trent discovery in 2001 has since gone on to establish himself as one of the most critically acclaimed, and forward pushing producers of the last plus decade with his Deepblak imprint producing a genre defiant, labeless sound that continues break new ground in the electronic spectrum.
With the mood in Jerome Sydenham's Berlin studio loose, and organic the trio set out to produce an album full of the elements they love about the dance-floor experience. After three weeks of literally living in the studio the S.A.T album has emerged. Set for release in November 2014 on Ibadan Records keep your ears posted for what is sure to be one the most memorable projects to surface in recent years. 

Words From Ibadan Records

Listen To Album Clips Below


Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fred P - Live From Spacehall Records Berlin

A 3hr Mix from Fred P, Deep Detroit Sounds from Berlin
for more info and discography visit Discogs 

Deep Atmospheric Emotions

Order of play..
A Journey into the Deep..

Rai Scott - Beyond Earth's Atmosphere
Miles Sagnia - Elergy
Patrice Scott - Far Away (Mike Edge Remix)
Leonid - Sadim
Mike Huckaby - Radiance
Darand Land - The Long Night
KWS - Peace
Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves
Boddhi Satva - Medicine
Janeret - Wild Tunnel
Tales Ov Rossi - Flatpress
Life Recorder - Winter Feeling
K Alexi - The Dancer - (GU Remix)
Janeret - Skyward
Delano Smith - Midnight Hours (Carl Craig Remix)
KWS - Home Is Where The Beat Is
Haventepe - Revolt
Aril Brikha - Groove La Chord
Ka One, St Sene - Sprag Line Posse
Honesty & Daniel Paul - Atrium (Konstantin Sibold Remix)
WAX - Untitled
Keith Worthy - Karma
Vince Watson - Mystical Rhythm's

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Miles Sagnia - Aeration (Atmospheric Existence)

FORTHCOMING (15/01/14)

I've been a fan of Miles since discovering his "Refined Textures EP" back in 2011 two years after his debut "Introspective Soul EP' maybe i was late on this producers work but since then followed him with each release which are few & far between as Miles ethos is definitely quality over quantity. His releases include other artists and frequently showcases their talents above his own, with output by Aybee, Dan Rodgers, Bittersuite, Life Recorder, Paramartha, Jacksonville, Tales Ov Rossi, Ourra & Tomi Chair, This release sees the limelight re-directed for a change and the beams of light focusing on the man behind the outfit and chief commander of Atmospheric Existence Miles Sagnia, "AERATION" takes the listener and wraps them up in a Deep House Winter Coat of aural pleasure, the album cover merely gives you a small insight of the journey ahead.

Preview Link

For more info on Miles Sagnia & Atmospheric Existence click below

Friday, 4 October 2013

Atmospheric Excursions

Atmospheric Excursions
"deep & soothing Sounds straight from the atmospheric cosmos"

Aybee - Landing
Giorgio Gigli - Social Deconstruction
Johannes Volk - Departure
Chris Mitchell - Brisk City
Patrice Scott - Callistro
Miles Sagnia - Gravitate
Patrice Scott - Sequence Two
Nick Agha - Climates
Tony Lionni - Joy
Mike Huckaby - Sandcastle
FP197 - Comes With Fries
Delano Smith - Midnight Hours (Carl Craig Reconstruction)
Imugem Orihasam - Relation
 Fred P - Dawn

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ron Trent Tribute Mix Part Two (Remixes & Productions)

Ron Trent Tribute Mix Part Two
(Remixes & Productions)

Can't Change Me [buythewax]
Deep Down [buythewax]
What Is it [buythewax]
Village Dance [buythewax]
Feel The Rhythm [buythewax]
Warfare [buythewax]
Don't Try It [buythewax]
Lamentations [buythewax]
Spring Summer Feeling [buythewax]
Sundance [buythewax]
It's Magic [buythewax]

Monday, 12 November 2012

Mind Rhythms

Mind Rhythms

Dub Poets - Version [buythewax]
Simoncino - Time Marches On [buythewax]
Mood Life - Needs (not wants) [buythewax]
Boo Williams - Mortal Trance [buythewax]
Patrice Scott - Mind Rhythms [buythewax]
Paramartha - Sparticus [buythewax]
Johannes Volk - Interstellar Visions [buythewax]
Larry Heard - Future Step Lesson [buythewax]
Pablo Bolivar - Closed [buythewax]
DJ Koze - I Want To Sleep [buythewax]
XDB - Espac [buythewax]

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Mind Rhythms

Friday, 2 November 2012

Dәәp In Dәtroit

Dәәp In Dәtroit

Aybee - Isis [buythewax]
Morphosis - Baal [buythewax]
Patrice Scott - Distance Against Time [buythewax]
Norm Talley - Cosmic Waves (XDB Remix) [buythewax]
Mike Huckaby - Wavetable No9 [buythewax]
Maurizio - Domina (Maurizio Mix) [buythewax]
Martin Buttrich - Programmer [buythewax]
Brawther - Asteroids & Stardust (Original Mix) [buythewax]
Chez Damier & Stacey Pullen - Forever Monna  [buythewax]
Larry Heard - A Long Short Story  [buythewax]
Keith Worthy - The Dark Symphony [buythewax]

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Dәәp In Dәtroit

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part Five)

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part Five)

Mone - We Can Make It (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix) [purchase]
Michael Procter - Fall Down (UBP Classic Mix) [purchase]
Da Mooch - Send Me Some Love (Send Me Some Dub) [purchase]
DJ John "Julius" Knight Presents Knightime Funk 2 - First Love [purchase]
Puzique - Nice N Tight (UBP Remix) [purchase]
Kathy Brown - Love Is Not A Game (Julius Vocal Mix) [purchase]
Africanism - Block Party (JJK Re-Edit) [purchase]
JJK - Always There [purchase]
Brian Tappert - The Organ Track (House Mix) [purchase]
Underground Ministries Feat. Kenny Bobien - I Shall Not Be Moved (DJ Meme Classic Vocal Mix) [purchase]

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part Four)

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part Four)

Urban Blues Project - We Are One (UBP Classic Mix) [purchase]
Loleatta Holloway - Dreamin' (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix) [purchase]
Copyright - Where Would You Be? [purchase]
Cleptomaniacs - Funk It Up [purchase]
Eminence Feat Kathy Brown - Give It Up [purchase]
*Shawn Christopher Feat Ron Carroll - You Can Make It (Acapella)
Melba Moore - My Heart Belongs To You (Jon Cutler Remix) [purchase]
Michelle Weeks - The Light (Jazz-N-Groove Primetime Dub) [purchase]
JJK - Find A Friend (Original Mix) [purchase]
Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Axwell Dub) [purchase]
*DJ Chus - That Feeling (Acapella)
JJK - Congobeat [purchase]
The Latin Project - Lei Le Lai (Brian Tappert Re-Edit) [purchase]

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Soulfuric In The Mix (part three)

Soulfuric In The Mix (part three)

Hardsoul - Back Together [purchase]
*Michelle Weeks - The Light (Acapella)
Knee Deep -  Welcome To The Disco [purchase]
*Eddie Amador - Rise (Acapella)
Donna Allen - He Is The Joy [purchase]
Masterbuilders - Blend (Jazz-N-Groove Re-Tweek) [purchase]
Deep Sensation - Somehow Somewhere (Cleptomaniacs Ghetto Remix) [purchase]
Orange Muse - Keep The Funk Alive (Andy Holder Remix) [purchase]
Urban Blues Project - Testify (Mousse T's Test-A-Dub) [purchase]
Brian Tappert & John Julius Knight - The Plague [purchase]
Soulsearcher - Feelin Love (Club Mix) [purchase]
Frankie Knuckles - Bac N Da Day (Clepto's Mix) [purchase]
Cleptomaniacs Feat. Bryan Chambers - All I Do [purchase]

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Soulfuric In The Mix (part two)

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part Two)

Jask - Beautiful (Original Mix) [purchase]
Melba Moore - My Heart Belongs To You (Ron Carroll's BMC Vocal Classical) [purchase] 
Lenny Williams - Giving It All (Cleptomaniacs Remix) [purchase]
Mambana - Libre (Axwell Essence Dub) [purchase] 
Michelle Weeks - The Light (UBP Classic Mix) [purchase] 
DJ John Julius Knight - Find A Friend (Audiowhores Remix) [purchase] 
Brian Tappert & DJ John Julius Knight - The G.H.O.S.T. [purchase] 
Underground Ministries feat. Kenny Bobien - I Shall Not Be Moved (B's Promised Land Dub) [purchase] 
Jetlag - So Right (Axwell Vocal Mix) [purchase] 
Shawn Christopher - You Can Make It (Jamie Lewis Classic Mix) [purchase]

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part One)

Soulfuric In The Mix (Part One)

Urban Blues Project - Deliver Me (Hardsoul Keep On Tryin' Dub) [purchase]
Richard Earnshaw - People Are People (Main Mix) [purchase]
The Thompson Project - Messin' With My Mind (The Layabouts Healthy Remix) [purchase]
John "Julius" Knight - Get Over [purchase]
One 51 - Si Weka (Original Mix) [purchase]
Deepstar Feat Donna Allen - Sugar (Sugar Vocal) [purchase]
Gruvtoobe Feat Nifa - Forever (Vocal Club Mix) [purchase]
Audiowhores - After The Party (Vocal Mix) [purchase]
Marc Pomeroy - Deepstar [purchase]
Homecookin' - Do What You Wanna (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix) [purchase]

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Ron Trent Tribute Mix (Part One)

Part One

Ron Trent Tribute Mix 

Across The Universe - buy
*(Beats)* - buy
The Dance - buy
Seduction - buy
Sweetness - buy
Look Beyond - buy
The Clan Speaks - buy
Powah - buy
Paradise Regained - buy
Jazz Funk Freedom - buy
Taster's Choice- buy
Message To The World - buy
Altered States (Ron's Mothership Mix) -buy

(left click link to download)
Ron Trent Tribute Mix (Part One)

This mix will also be available on Forte Techno website in the next coming days, show your support and visit the site, showcasing the finest techno old and new by the old & new, no boundaries no preconceived ideas of what should be relative to today's market, just forward thinking Techno from like minded individuals

For an insight into what makes Ron tick watch his Red Bull lecture, compelling viewing as he speaks of his first step into the dance/techno/house scene with his ground breaking "Altered States" produced at the tender age of 16 plus his friendship and working relationship with Chez Damier and their long lasting Prescription legacy

Ron Trent Red Bull Lecture
Ron Trent Website
Ron Trent Wiki
Ron Trent Discogs

Saturday, 5 May 2012

DeepTroniK :Unearthed & Remastered

DeepTroniK :Unearthed & Remastered 


Franck Roger - The Love Call [Buy]
Pastaboys - Body Resonance [Buy]
Guy Gerber - Midnight Sketches [Buy]
Pastaboys - The Limit (Re-Edit) [Buy]
Rodamaal - Insomnia [Buy]
Roy Ayers - Tarzan (Yoruba Soul Remix) [Buy]
Henrik Schwarz/Ame/Dixon Feat Derrick Carter - Where We At [Buy]
Carl Craig - Sandstorms [Buy]
Ferrer & Sydenham - The Back Door [Buy]
Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow (Sleepy Hollow Version) [Buy]
Milton Jackson - Rogue Element (Milton's Dream Mix) [Buy]
Jimpster - A Love Like This [Buy]

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Thursday, 26 April 2012

What A Good Idea..

Revolutionary New Idea To Stamp Out File Sharing 

Music bosses have unveiled a revolutionary new recording format that they hope will help win the war on illegal file sharing which is thought to be costing the industry millions of dollars in lost revenue. Nicknamed the 'Record', the new format takes the form of a black vinyl disc measuring 12 inches in diameter, which must be played on a specially designed 'turntable'.

"We can state with absolute certainty that no computer in the world can access the data on this disc," said spokesman Brett Campbell. "We are also confident that no-one is going to be able to produce pirate copies in this format without going to a heck of a lot of trouble. This is without doubt the best anti-piracy invention the music industry has ever seen."

As part of the invention's rigorous testing process, the designers gave some discs to a group of teenage computer experts who regularly use file swapping software and who admit to pirating music CDs. Despite several days of trying, none of them were able to hack into the disc's code or access any of the music files contained within it.

"It's like, really big and stuff," said Doug Flamboise, one of the testers. "I couldn't get it into any of my drives. I mean, what format is it? Is it, like, from France or something?" Teenage computer hackers struggled to access the new disc. In the new format, raw audio data in the form of music is encoded by physically etching grooves onto the vinyl disc. The sound is thus translated into variations on the disc's surface in a process that industry insiders are describing as 'completely revolutionary' and 'stunningly clever.'

To decode the data stored on the disc, the listener must use a special player which contains a 'needle' that runs along the grooves on the record surface, reading the indentations and transforming the movements back into audio that can be fed through loudspeakers. Even Shawn Fanning, the man who invented Napster, admits the format will make file swapping much more difficult. "I've never seen anything like this," he told reporters. "How does it work?"

Pirates day's are numbered. As rumours that a Taiwanese company has been secretly developing a 12 inch wide, turntable -driven, needle-based, firewire drive remain unconfirmed, it would appear that the music industry may, at last, have found the pirate-proof format it has long been searching for.

not my words, but doesn't it make perfect sense? ;)

Friday, 23 March 2012

Vinyl Still Going Strong

Vinyl Still Going Strong

With the demise of many a record shop up and down the country over the last few years many people thought that was it for the black stuff. But reports show that it still has a place in today's society with independent pressing plants still providing smaller & limited runs to the public, this report courtesy of  Engineering & Technology Magazine gives a further insight to its new lease of life.

Vinyl audio - the format that would not die

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Graham Pitt - Juegúelo Otra Vez

Graham Pitt - Juegúelo Otra Vez


Cuebur Feat. Nathan X - Walk A Mile (Kadasma Exploration Mix)
DJ Whisky - Boni Mores (Club Mix)
Problem Child - Iyomi Ka Zi
Bhabha Betasweet Feat. Biggie - Unspoken (Exothermic Sounds Tribe Remix)
Professor Feat. Oskido - Jezebel
Da Capo - Komeng Tsa Basotho
Chymamusique - Chymatology Reloaded (2011 Deeper Remix)
Pablo Fierro - The Essence Of Your Smile
Franck Roger & Terence Terry - Hustling Peoples
Deepyall Aka DJ Rico - Nothing Stay (Channel Mix)
Jonny Montana & Empress Lebo - Eternally Bound (Deeper Mix)
Kenny Bobien - Special Day (Zepherin Saint Tribe Vocal)
Kerri Chandler Feat. Jennifer Morrison - Let Him In (Kaoz 6:23 Mix)
Timmy Regisford - Najay
Osunlade - No Way
Mmelashon - Children Of The Ghetto (Cuebur Remix)
Tamara Wellons - Euphoria (Spinna Galactic Soul Mix)
Zulumafia Feat. Zethu - Echo Our Dreams (Zulu Dance Mix)

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Can You Dance To My Beat?

Can You Dance To My Beat?

As we dance to a beat that seems out of time To the one you feel in the metronome of your mind, Does it offend you that our rhythm looks strange Or causes you thinking to be re-arranged, Could it be that you would understand those beats to which we dance More clearly had you been given the chance, So as you struggle to find the feel with your feet Ask yourself…………can you dance to my beat (to my beat) 

Watch us get down to this groove with a afro-funk feel, While we get hiiiiigh to a rhythm with spiritual appeal, Expressions of freedom from the descendants of slaves, God gives us the strength for new horizons we must breathe, First bondage than mental now financially oppressed With this beat we dance we know we’ve passed the test, So as you struggle to catch the rhythm with your feet Ask yourself…………can you dance to my beat (to my beat)

The rhythm… rhythm… rhythm… is our power section. The freedom we feel in our soul We dance to learn those lessons, As our story continues to unfold Our beats, our words our melodies, our gifts From the givers of those gifts, We’re merely the terminals through which they have passed So as you struggle to catch the rhythm with your feet


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Just So You Know..

Just So You Know

In the beginning, there was Jack, and Jack had a groove.
And from this groove came the groove of all grooves.
And while one day viciously throwing down on his box, Jack boldly declared,
"Let there be HOUSE!"
and house music was born.
"I am, you see,
I am
the creator, and this is my house!
And, in my house there is ONLY house music.
But, I am not so selfish because once you enter my house it then becomes OUR house and OUR house music!
And, you see, no one man owns house because house music is a universal language, spoken and understood by all.
You see, house is a feeling that no one can understand really unless you're deep into the vibe of house.
House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body.
And, as I told you before, this is our house and our house music.
And in every house, you understand, there is a keeper.
And, in this house, the keeper is Jack.
Now some of you who might wonder,
"Who is Jack, and what is it that Jack does?"
Jack is the one who gives you the power to jack your body!
Jack is the one who gives you the power to do the snake.
Jack is the one who gives you the key to the wiggly worm.
Jack is the one who learns you how to walk your body.
Jack is the one that can bring nations and nations of all Jackers together under one house.
You may be black, you may be white; you may be Jew or Gentile. It don't make a difference in OUR House.
And this is fresh

Take a listen..
Just So You Know

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Arf Slandre Guest Mix

Arf Slandre Guest Mix

Antonio Lyons - What If (G. Family Corner Cafe Mix)
Hanna Hais - I'll Parlait Pas Franais (Larry Heard Deep House Mix)
The Realm - When In Rome
Lovebirds - Chasing Things
B.A.M & Reelsoul - Wake Up (Mr. V Straight House Mix)
Namy feat. Monday Michiru - There She Stands (Frankie Feliciano Vocal)
Aki Bergen Feat. Carmen Sherry - Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix)
Ben Westbeech - Something For The Weekend (Joey Negro Remix)
JohNick - C'Mon Give It Up
John 'Julius' Knight - Like This (Original Mix
Sterling Ensemble feat. Donna Allen - I Got Love (Aaron Ross Remix)
UBP pres. Mother Of Pearl feat. Pearlie Mae - Your Heaven - I Can Feel It (Guy Robin Bootleg Remix)

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Mixes From The Vault Volume 2

Mixes From The Vaults Volume 2

Playlist to follow...

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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A Few Words...

House is a very non-offensive, embracing, community type of vibe. Deep House heads have the highest rate per capita of friendliness and acceptance of spiritual synergy through dance.

Courtesy of a YouTuber

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Keisha Caleigh | House Masons | Guest Mix

Keisha Caleigh - House Masons - Guest Mix

Capital T feat. Taymah - Perfect Love (Dario M´s Soulful Mix)
Nastee Nev Ft. Dana Byrd & Tantra Zawadi - Secrets of Life
Elle Stilnovo feat.. Rogiers - Whatever (Rurals Jazzy Remix)
D-Reflection feat. Christa - Shoot From The Heart (Original Mix)
Atnarko - Thinking Of You (Peter Christianson's LCG Remix)
Cuebur feat.. Nathan X - Walk A Mile (Ultra Tone In Too Deep Remix)
Souldeal From Your Soul Original Mix
Donae'o I (Sean McCabe Remix)
Razor N' Guido feat. Tara Harrison - Without You Mr.V SOLE Main Mix
Alix Alvarez - Revolution

Left Click To Download
Keisha Caleigh Guest Mix

House Masons Radio Station

Wednesday, 24 August 2011



Dj Romain & Jon Cutler Feat Jeannie Hooper - De Ja Vu (Roots Main Mix) [King Street Sounds]
Rodamaal Feat Claudia Franco - Insomnia [Buzzin Fly Records]
Nathan Haines Feat Verna Francis - Earth Is The Place (Dj Gregory & Julien Jabre Voxy Pass) [Chilli FunkRecords]
Bahsonik Present Anna Cavazos - Free At Last (Syam Vocal) [Symple Soul]
Dj Oji Presents Esteban - Esteban [Ibadan]
Those Guys Feat Baraka - An American Poem (12" Extended) [Basement Boys Records]
Dj Kawasaki Feat Karin - Blazin' [Nite Grooves]
Dennis Ferrer - 4 The Children [Large Records]
Franck Roger - Ginza [Betino's Record Sound]
Markus Enochson - Feat Jocelyn Mathieu & Ingela Olson - If There Is (Sole Channel Vocal) [Symple Soul]
Glenn Underground - Trust (Underground Vocal) [Large Records]
Jon Cutler Feat Vanessa Freeman - Lifted Up [Distant Music]
Jasmina - Can't Find You (Eclectic Vocal) [Slaag Records]

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

A Chat With Ron Trent

Ron Trent

Ron Trent's musical journey began at age 14 in Chicago when he created Altered States, a raw and beautiful track that catapulted him into the hall of fame of house and techno. Ron made a name for himself as a DJ who would introduce rare disco and soul classics into the Windy City house blend.

Deeply influenced by artists such as Larry Heard, Roy Ayers or even Pat Metheny, he formed the seminal record label Prescription in 1993 alongside Chez Damier. Together they defined an era, creating some of the brightest moments in the history of house music - producing seminal singles for Detroit's KMS imprint and later working with Berlin's Maurizio/Basic Channel.

Ron has also produced and remixed the likes of Groove Collective, Amel Larrieux, Tony Allen and 4Hero, while putting out a string of remarkable 12"s with Anthony Nicholson for his Clairaudience label and two heavily underrated full length albums. Still travelling the world as an in demand DJ, Ron Trent is based in Chicago once more, having relaunched Prescription Records. Pop, dip and spin!

Listen Here
Ron Trent Red Bull Academy

words courtesy of Red Bull Academy

Ron Trent Website

Friday, 15 July 2011

Friday's Words Of Wisdom

Ossie Davis

"Any form of art is a form of power, it has impact,
it can affect change,
it can not only move us,
it makes us move."
--Ossie Davis.

Ossie & Ruby
Wiki Ossie

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ain't Nuffin But A House Mix (ReMiXed)

Ain't Nuffin But A House Mix (ReMiXed)

Fallout Shelter - What Do You Want (Deep Burning Dub) [Tribal America]
Josh One - Contemplation (King Britt Funke Mix) [Electromatrix]
Julien Jabre - Sun Is Back [Versatile Records]
Blaze - Gloria's Muse (Karizma's Drum N Base Remix) [West End Records]
Soul Fuzion Feat Vee - I Got Rhythm (Kenny Dope Remix) [Dopewax]
Mr V. Feat Miss Patty & Alix Alvarez - Deep (House Music) [Ricastruction Label]
Kerri Chandler - Yellow [King Street Sounds]
Dj Romain Feat Darryl D'Bonneau - It's The Spirit (83 West Vocal Remix) [Nu Faze Records]
Patti Labelle - New Day (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Club Remix) [Def Soul Classics]
Dj Spen Pres Jasper St Co - Solid Ground (Spensane Vocal Mix) [Basement Boys Recordings]
Mass Syndicate Feat Su Su Bobien - You Don't Know [FFRR]
Deep Dish - Mohammad Is Jesus [Deconstruction]
Patricia Kaas - Reste Sur Moi (Blue Velvet Mix) [Sony]
Master C & J - Face It (Club Mix) [Trax Records]
Cassio Ware - Baby Love (Chord Mix) [Easy Street Records]
Round Two - New Day (Club Vocal Mix) [Main St Records]
Ron Trent - Love To The World [Future Vision]
Photek - Mine To Give (David Morales Happy Mix) [Virgin]

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Ain't Nuffin But A House Mix (ReMiXed)

Friday, 10 June 2011

DeepTronik Part3 ((re-post 2008))

DeepTronik Part3

Mari Boine - Vuoi Vuoi Me (Henrik Schwarz Remix)
Quentin Harris - Haunted (Danny Howells Re-edit)
Mountain People - Mountain003
Marcus Worgull - Under The Sycamore Tree
Tiger Stripes - My Deep Space (Sven Weisemann Remix)
David Alvarado - Aire
Jerome Sydenham - Blacktro (Demo 1)
Conjure - Planet 606
Francois Dubois - I Try (Aqua Bassino Jay S Remix)
- Spoken Word By Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi
Chymera - Wish

left click link to download
DeepTronik Pt3

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Joe Rizla and Marcelo Cruz - Sunday Afternoon (Vocal Mix)
Dee Mac - Buzz
Nathan X & Cuebur - So Far Away (Nomumbah Remix)
Nivek Tsoy - Empty Streets (Original Mix)
Gel Abril - The Underground Bullshit
Jimpster - Alsace & Lorraine
Jay Tripwire - Serious Vibes
Sasse & James Flavour - The Right Way (Tony Lionni Deeptech Remix)
Stratoliner - Soul Ringer - (Soul Minority Deep Mix)
Shur I Kan - String Killer

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